Nelma is the largest representative of the whitefish group. It lives in large and cold northern rivers of Russia with clean water rich in oxygen. Nelma has a surprisingly tender and pleasant taste. There had been a time when only high-ranking people could afford this fish.

In Russia, nelma is considered to be one of the most delicious fish. In the entire history of existing, this fish has not been exposed to any disease! This is a very clean, delicious and oily fish, rich in vitamins B12, B9, B6, E, as well as various minerals. The combination of easily digestible protein, amino acids and fats makes dishes from nelma light and incredibly useful.

We get nelma only in one area, which is characterized by the purest glacial water and a perfectly balanced food supply. This fact guarantees the perfect taste, structure and purity of the final product.

We offer to taste this royal dish from the time of the Russian Empire to everyone who can afford it!