Traditional Imperial fish

Nature has created a man, as well as all blessings
for getting pleasure of the highest level,
including the culture of food consumption!

Traditions of quality

Imperial Russia is the source of inspiration for our company. It was the time when the sophistication of cuisine and the quality of products reached an unprecedented level. We recreated the art of court smoking of the 19th century, using premium raw materials of natural origin and placing flavor accents to bring to perfection what nature gave us. We have come a long way in purifying the smoking technology, and selecting the ideal raw materials and processing methods. The quality of our products is appreciated by private clients, restaurants and gastronomic boutiques all around the world.

Best fish

"Fish is what it eats" - this is the approach we follow selecting raw materials for our manufacture. We pay special attention to the purity of water and the nutritive base of the fish habitat. It is quite difficult to get high-quality raw materials because there are a large number of enterprises along the major northern rivers, that negatively affect the environment and water purity. In that reason, our fishing crews get the raw material strictly from the tributaries of these rivers. The tributaries carry the purest water from mountain glaciers and taiga springs. It is obvious that such fishing geography and storage of raw material entail significant additional costs. But the quality of the nutritive base in these rivers, directly affects to the taste properties of fish.


The quality of salt and its effect on the product play a huge role in fish salting. That is why we use the best quality sea salt to reach the perfect fermentation at the salting stage. This approach to the selection of raw materials allows us to produce delicacies for the most demanding clients from different parts of the world.

The mystery of smoking

This stage of interaction between the master and the product can be considered as a Mystery! We have recreated the technology of tsarist Russia court smoking with all its specific shades. The smoking process turns into an amazing "dance of smoke", which creates the purified taste of the final product.


The wood for smoking is specially prepared for us in one of the most environmentally friendly place in Russia. There is not a single industrial enterprise within a radius of 800 km. We use fruit wood that has been dried in certain environmental conditions during three or four years. Wood enters the smokehouse only after achieving the necessary characteristics related to the fermentation process. Due to the refined approach of smoking, we successfully passed a huge number of examinations and laboratory studies for the delivery of our products to the tables of high-ranking persons.

Our workers

Our people get vital energy and pleasure during the process of creating gastronomic masterpieces. We have assembled a team of like-minded people who are mature enough to ensure their "mental purity" when they contact with the product. Each participant of the production process continues to hone the skills to achieve high-leveled proficiency. We are proud of our specialists, and believe, that the growth of the product quality directly depends on the growth of professionalism and maturity of each of our masters!


We use only the best Norwegian salmon to make our culinary masterpieces.

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